Word of the Day

Offing | noun | off – ing |

: the part of the deep sea seen from the shore

: the near or foreseeable future


Ever stared out at the horizon while watching the sunset? Well, the part of the ocean between horizon and the foreshore is known as the offing.
It is that beautiful part of the ocean that makes you realise how small you actually are in the world and often has us wondering what is out there, swimming in those vast waters.

Offing is a nautical term, derived from the English “off” and the suffix “-ing“. It was first used in 1620, and originally meant in the distant future. It is still used in this way today, although it falls in the bottom 50% popularity.

Offing has been replaced by the modern “impending“.



The nine and twentieth [29th June 1610] in the morning I weighed [anchor] again, the wind being all Southerly, turned until night, and then I came to an anchor in seven fathomsย water in the offing to Sea.