The Importance of Skincare

Linden Tyler, the owner of The Linden Spa and Salon once said:

“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you a very long time.”

Your skin is the one thing that, regardless of season, time or age, you cannot hide from the world. Looking after skin is vitally important and making sure you use the right products for you is too. Your skin is also your largest organ and your first defense against external stressors, regulates body temperature and acts as a filter. Healthy skin is able to do it’s job better and can also fight off signs of aging more effectively.

Skin Sheds Daily

Which is exactly why cleansing and moisturizing is so important. Ensuring that you have a good skincare routine will help to prevent you skin looking dull and tired after it has shed. Use products with deep cleansing effects so that not only the top layer of your skin is looked after but deeper layers too.

Your Skin Type is Different and Unique

Because of this, your skin could require more or less time than others. So establish a routine based on your skin type and not on that of a close friend or relative. Also remember that everything you read or hear won’t necessarily work on your skin. Take the time to find what will and invest in your skin.

Prevention is better than Cure

Ever heard the saying that “Cheap is expensive”?
Well, neglecting your skin will turn out more expensive in the long-term. Skin care is, unfortunately, an expensive health care aspect but having a routine will prevent needing further treatments down the line, which can turn out more costly than buying your products monthly.

One Things Leads to Another

And having a healthy skincare routine will lead to other routines too. It’s surprising how one thing inspires and influences another.

When you look good, you feel confident and feel good too. Having healthy, bright, clear skin is not only about appearance but also about inner beauty as well. When one exudes confidence and positivity, other aspects also seem easier to deal with and everything around you changes. You will feel happy, healthy and top of the world.

At the same, you will also look great!

Here are some amazing Infographics to help you understand and look after your skin:



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