10 of My Favourite DIY Tips

Good Evening!

Now if you are anything like me, there’s always a need for little crafts and DIY’s to keep you busy on quiet days. There are so many amazing DIY tips and instructions out there in the web. These 10 are favourite at the moment, although not in any specific order.

From home decor to beauty products, anything can be made yourself these days and often, it works out much more cost effective just to DIY.

Here are my 10 Favourite DIY tips at the moments. Hope you like them!


This smart way of creating beautiful boxes is amazing. I have yet to make one myself, but I have gotten all the bits and bobs necessary. Now I need to find the time.

Elizabeth Joan Designs – Box Baskets




I absolutely love beautiful kitchen decor but it can be so costly to buy and there isn’t much choice out there any more. This was a top find that I can’t get enough of. Even better, you can customise the design and make it your own.

Thank you Home Dzine for this amazing tip!

Home Dzine – Cutlery Holder 



This is a great design for special occasions but also makes the perfect accessory for a child’s bedroom or lounge.
It can also be used to make bedside lamps, not only hanging lamps.

To see how to make this beautiful design, visit Dos Family. She also has some pretty pictures of it in use.

Dos Family – Lace Lamp



Skincare is a vital part of every woman’s daily routine and pampering ourselves once or twice a week is an occasion that many of us look forward to. The unfortunate part? Specialty masks and products can often break the bank so many of us skip out on top quality products that are amazing (unless they were a gift from someone). This mask is amazing, and although it is a little longer to make than most DIY’s, it is well worth making.

Visit Soap Queen for a range of facial masks and beauty products that you can make yourself.

Soap Queen – Rose Clay Face Mask



Now this is absolutely beautiful! It is amazing what you can do with a coffee cup and nail polish.
Use this tip to create a beautiful range of unique coffee mugs to add to your collection and amaze your guests!

Cute DIY Projects – Watercolour Coffee Mugs



Best way to keep your feet warm in winter and avoid stepping on those cold floors as you hop out of bed. Rugs like these will cost you an arm and a leg in store. This is the perfect way to make beautiful rugs, using colours of your choosing and make any size you want.

The Whoot – Pom Pom Rugs 


Funny smells you can’t get rid of? Aerosol sprays leaving your nose irritated? Well the best way to deal with this is to scrap the market products and make your own room sprays. Simply Natural Mama has a range of different spays that are easy and affordable to make.

Check it out on her website!

Simply Natural Mama – DIY Room Sprays


This has been a design that has been trending for months and I struggled to find any shops that sold the perfect ones. However, I came across this DIY tip on Pinterest (yes, the good ol’ Pinterest) and I was so happy with my find. Surprisingly, it is so much easier to make than I thought and can be done using old bulbs that no longer work. You can also tint them first, or even spray paint them for unique effects but why would you need to when they are so beautiful and simple just as is.

4 us 2 Be – Cool Flower Vase



The perfect DIY design for any work at home Mom or entrepreneur. This Gold Wire Memo board is super easy to make and is a stunning tool for home/office organisation. It can also be used in the bedroom as a jewelry hanger. There are many ways you could utilise a design like this.

Made Up Style – Gold Wire Memo Board



What a funky design for a beauty product! This lip scrub looks gorgeous but also makes a great exfoliator to keep your lips smooth and beautiful, especially during the dry Joburg winters. It can also make a unique DIY gift for friends and family.

Bitz n Giggles – Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

I hope you have a lot of fun doing these DIY Projects! If you find any out there that you absolutely can’t help but share, please comment with a link below so we can all have amazing creating special and unique things!

All the best,